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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
SalvationHumphrey Tindi108-28-2018
Hi. Would you please pray for the salvation and deliverance of a woman name Alix? Thanks so much, you are richly blessed by God.
Please prayEdmund Krzeminski104-12-2018
[We read] In the King James Bible, Ezekiel 22:30: "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none." O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around the USA, Canada and Poland. Are you ready to stand in the gap, where God is the Helper and Teacher? Please pray that Poland, the USA/Canada would overcome for: (The Acts 26.18). * Poland, pray for freedom from dead
help Christianity to prevail in USbob miller102-16-2018
Please vote for Nicholson for Senate as he is by far the most Christian candidate & would help Trump get much-needed things accomplished. Our country is being taken over by Satan himself... Trump is resisting that. Please help him (us). God bless
financialMike B101-24-2018
I would like to ask the church if they would remember my family in prayer. I lost my job about two months ago and as of yet have not found new employment. However, just yesterday I learned that they are starting to conduct interviews for a positon I applied for at a power company. This positon would be a good fit for me and offers very good benefits. Please pray that if it is the Lord's will, that they will call me in for an interview and offer me the job. Thank you so very much for praying.
In need of my friend backColleen R110-18-2017
My best friend and person I love and \"Dad\" to my children is not doing well. He has been with a new person that does not understand him. She hurts him and he has not been himself since they met. Please pray he will let her go before he gets worse. The children and I miss him and would like him back. He misses us and can\'t see how his unhappy relationship is affecting him in a bad way. I pray she will return to her husband to work it out.
Father heal usK Mac110-13-2017
Fast & pray. Heavenly father have mercy-grace on us, forgive all our sins (me, daughter, husband). Please touch & heal our mind-body-soul completely. Deliver us from all devil's chain. Keep my daughter healthy-happy. Shower YOUR blessing of good health-knowledge-wisdom-joy-love-peace on her. Help her in study-exam. Protect her from all evil-illness-infection. No one may harm her. Father touch & heal our body take away all pain. Control my husband's anger. Destroy all evil plans against us. Prot
Father protect my daughterK Mac109-09-2017
Fast & pray. Heavenly father shower YOUR grace & mercy on my daughter, forgive all her sins. Touch & heal her mind-body-soul. Father heal her acne completely. Protect her from all evil-illness-infection. Destroy all evil plans against her. No one may harm her. Keep her healthy-happy. Shower YOUR blessings of knowledge-wisdom-good health-joy-peace-love on her. Help her in exams-study. Provide all her needs (healthy food). Help us to become best parents. THANK YOU IJN Amen
Salvation and Deliverance for Paola Juan Soler109-03-2017
Please pray for the salvation, deliverance and emotional healing of Paola in Miami. Pray also that the Lord brings Spirit filled Christian friends into her life. Thank you!
salvationli cross107-15-2017
Please pray for that God can help me not to lost my salvation and my job in the Administration Wing, so that I can continue to preach the gospel (Jesus crucified), sorry and thank you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-Men.