Kids Quest

Children's Programs

At Christ the Rock we have areas for every age group.  We have a nursery where children under 3 and their parent or grandparent can stay during the service.  There is a speaker so that the parent can listen to the service.  We also have other areas for children ages 3 to 5, 6 to 12  and 13 and older with Sunday school teachers or the Childrens Minister in charge.  All of our current children’s workers have undergone background checks.  Any new workers will also have to undergo background checks before they are allowed around the children. Your children will be safe with us.

Reflections of Pastor Courtney

In the past year, the name of the Children’s ministry changed to Kids Quest to reflect the vision and focus of the ministry that takes place.  A quest is a lifelong journey to seek something truly important.  At Christ the Rock we seek to help children begin and continue on their lifelong journey with Jesus and to do so with all their heart.  With that goal in sight, we attended Kid’s Blast in February where the children were given practical help on how to live out their Christian lives as well as strengthening their relationships with one another and with God.

To find out more about our Children’s Pastor Courtney Curran – check out our Ask the Pastors blog under About Us.

Progress on BGMC donations – we met our goal for the year of $1800 and even exceeded it.  We raised $1282 at the rummage sale to bring our total at this point to over $2300.  Let’s try for at least another $200 by the end of December.

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