About Us


At Christ the Rock Church we hold to the following fundamental beliefs: 1. that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God  2. there is only one true God as revealed by the Trinity 3. that the Scriptures are inspired by God 4. that Salvation through Jesus Christ can restore our fellowship with God 5. that mankind chose to fall into sin 6. that Baptism in the Holy Spirit is a special experience that follows after Salvation 7. that the first physical evidence of Baptism in the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues 8. Sanctification first occurs at Salvation 9. that the Church has a mission to seek and save all who are lost in sin 10. that the ministry of the church is divinely called and scripturally ordained 11. that Christians today have the privilege to divinely heal the sick through Jesus Christ 12. that the Church celebrates two ordinances Water Baptism by immersion and Holy Communion 13. our Blessed Hope is when Jesus raptures the Church prior to His return 14. in the Millenial Reign of Christ on Earth 15. that a Final Judgement will take place and 16. that there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth.


About the Pastors

The senior pastor at our church is Pastor Mike Dissmore.  We will sharing his monthly newsletters on the media page along with his weekly sermons – look for newsletters the first week of each month.

Our children’s ministry is lead by Pastor Courtney Curran.

The worship team is lead by Lori Dissmore.

One Year Bible Reading Plan

Mon  Week 1  Romans 1-2    Week 2  Romans 3-4    Week3  Romans 5-6      Week 4  Romans 7-8         Tues  Week 1  Genesis 1-3    Week 2  Genesis 4-7     Week 3  Genesis 8-11     Week 4  Genesis 12-15      Wed  Week 1  Joshua 1-5     Week 2  Joshua 6-10     Week 3  Joshua 11-15     Week 4  Joshua 16-20     Thurs  Week 1  Psalm 1-2     Week 2  Psalm 3-5     Week 3  Psalm 6-8     Week 4  Psalm 9-11     Fri   Week 1  Job 1-2     Week 2  Job 3-4     Week 3  Job 5-6     Week 4  Job 7-8     Sat   Week 1  Isaiah 1-6     Week 2  Isaiah 7-11     Week 3  Isaiah 12-17   Week 4  Isaiah 18-22      Sun  Week 1  Matthew 1-2     Week 2  Matthew 3-4     Week 3  Matthew 5-7     Week 4  Matthew  8-10

Next week  I will add weeks 5-8  and after that every month I will delete 4 weeks and add 4 weeks.  You can start on any week and after a year from your starting date you will have completed reading the Bible.

For Daily Devotion based on The Firestarter Bible Go to Growing in Faith

View From the Pew

We encourage to write about your faith experience.  Tell us of your revelations, challenges, and how God is impacting your life.  Do not worry about spelling or grammer as all input to the website has to go through an approval process to keep the website secure from negative or obscene content.